Heart Disease, Heart Attack, and How to Protect Yourself from Future Health Problems


Let’s take a minute to talk about heart disease, heart attack and how to protect yourself from future health problems.

Most heart attacks are caused from “heart disease”. Heart disease takes years to develop. It clogs the blood vessels with a waxy substance, called “plaque”. A section of plaque can break suddenly. If it does, a blood clot forms and causes a heart attack.

A heart attack happens when a blood vessel in the heart becomes blocked. This causes the heart muscle to go without oxygen. The heart muscle can suffer damage if the blockage is not treated quickly.

After a heart attack, your heart may have no damage, temporary or permanent damage. The good news is you can help protect yourself from future health problems. Just follow these 4 steps:
- Take your medications as your doctor tells you to. After a heart attack, it is still important to treat conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. You may also need to treat new conditions, like a problem with your heart rhythm or pumping action.
- Eat a healthy diet. This means lots of fruits and vegetables, and only a little salt, fat and cholesterol.
- Exercise as your doctor tells you to. At first, your doctor may want to limit exercise, work or sexual activity. However, the goal may be to gradually resume these.
- Lastly, if you smoke, quit. For helpful tips, go online to smokefree.gov.

For best results after a heart attack, be sure to complete a cardiac rehabilitation program in your area.

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