High Blood Pressure - Controlling it Matters!


Let's take a minute to talk about high blood pressure.

High blood pressure is sometimes known as the "silent killer," because people often don't know they have it, and they feel fine and healthy. If untreated, high blood pressure can cause life-threatening illnesses like kidney problems, stroke, heart failure, blindness and heart attacks.

The good news is that there are life-saving medicines that can help keep your blood pressure at healthy levels. It is important to take these medicines as directed by your doctor, and not to skip doses. There are other things you can do to control your blood pressure. These include exercising, eating foods that are low in salt, and staying at a healthy weight. Also, you should limit how much alcohol you drink, and never smoke. You should make it a point to talk to your doctor regularly about your blood pressure, and about how you should monitor it at home.

Sometimes, medicine for high blood pressure can cause side effects, like headaches, dizziness, upset stomach or other problems. If these or other side effects occur and become reasons you do not want to take your medicine, please talk to your doctor or pharmacist. Also, please talk to your doctor or pharmacist if your medicine is too costly, because there may be a more affordable option.

For best results with blood pressure medicine, remember to plan ahead for refills, and take it consistently to protect your health.

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